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Easiest Jobs on the Planet

If work stresses you out, chances are you don't have one of the THESE jobs.  Prepare to be jealous because some people are paid to…
Eat Chocolate.  The food tasters at Godiva can sample up to 50 bonbons a day, but it actually requires training.  And as you'd imagine, it's a hard job to get.  But food testers can earn up to $70,000 a year.  Think about all those housewives in the 70’s just giving their services away. 
Watching Videos of Kittens.  Web editors at websites and casters at the animal planet spend hours combing through footage of kittens, puppies, and other baby animals .  I know some manly men who wouldn’t want that job but I don’t know anyone who would turn down this one…
Being a "Mansion-Sitter".  It's exactly what it sounds like:  House-sitting for rich people, very rich people with pools, stocked bars and 2000 thread count silk sheets.  Veteran house-sitters can make up $200 a week . . .plus they get free room and board.  With a good reputation and a turned up nose to partying, a “Mansion Sitter” can charge even more. It's usually just for a few weeks or a few months at a time, but you can apply to be a "mansion-sitter" on the website LuxuryHouseSitting.com.

03/21/2012 4:02PM
Easiest Jobs on the Planet
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